In order to select a wormhole to live in you must first know all there is to know about them. Can you imagine what kind of trouble you can get into if the only guy in left with a scanning ship does not know what a static wormhole is, how to find it or how to understand how much mass it can allow?

The first thing you must do is pay careful attention to any side effects a wormhole has on you. If you decide to set up in a wormhole that has “bonuses” then be absolutely sure you have a strategy to make it work for you and not let it be something you just deal with. Make sure that all incoming members fully understand the wormhole environment before they choose what to bring in.

The class of wormhole you choose will dictate how many members you should bring, what size of POS and what types of ships. Generally speaking, bring everything no matter what. Here is a link to the Evelopedia page on wormhole effects. I have also cross referenced (hold Ctrl while you left-click) the raw data in case you cannot link to it yourself. Study it carefully as you might find yourself fighting in one against your will!